Sunday, February 20, 2011

Teen Moms

this is why AMERICA, Teen Pregnancy shouldnt be glorified on these Tv shows, and these kids need a f@&*%! EDUCATION! Oh wait, the states keep cutting all the schools funding.

But I cant help but giggle a little, how sweet he seems like a legit "soon to be BD."


  1. "my pony, oh oh my poonnyyy"

    She's like "i got socks, i got onesies"...oh wow, the baby is set for life! their future is secured! And thank goodness she has a baby bath too.

    aaahhgrrarg! frustrating

  2. oh dear lord. This is why I can't watch those teen mom just pisses me off. They just don't even know what they are doing!!!!!

  3. Things like this make me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

  4. I was channel surfing the other day and didn't realise that MTV stopped showing music videos (apparently this happened years ago?) and now just shows reality tv shows about fat kids and teen mums.

  5. hahah, seriously...that's crazy. "when i'm 15 i'm gonna get a job at chuckie cheese..." hopefully maury was able to talk some sense into them.

  6. oh dear god this is crazy. I'm glad I've waited until 30 to try for a baby, those kids have no idea what they are getting themselves into.

  7. Oh my gosh! I've actually seen that episode. It's hilarious.

    "I'm gonna get a job at Chuck E Cheese" Dear God. Where are the parents.

    Does he realize he's singing a lullaby to a burrito and not a baby? She's not even pregnant yet!

  8. Wait, is that how he's trying to get her pregnant? By singing to her belly everyday? Don't tell them, but I think he's doing it wrong.

    Also, someone should start replacing their baby supplies with apples, carrots, and sugar cubes and maybe they'll just get a pony.


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