Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Toddler MUST haves

Now that Peej is 1 and is sadly considered a toddler, I wanted to share our picks for MUST HAVES! There is so much junk when it comes to babies/kids, and when it comes to owning a baby boutique I literally get to see it ALL! So with weeding out most of the junk heres my top picks:

1. The Lobster High chair by Phil & Teds. Everywhere we go I always have my lobster, and its sooo convenient! Pella is so small she swims in the wooden highchairs most restaurants have to offer, this is comfortable & clamps onto most every table!
2. Safe Sippy Cup, why we love it? Well Pella doesn't quite understand tilting the cup Upwards to get the water/milk out but she completely understands how to suck from a straw, this sippy does BOTH! and its stainless steel, and no spill!

3. Table Toppers Disposable placemats. I dont think I need to go into why these are awesome!
theres nothing worse then having to shred up what I eat for Pella to snack on a bare table top!
these are lifesavers and fun for her to look at too. these plastic placemats have adhesive strips on all 4 sides to stick onto the table to prevent the beastly child from tossing it off the table.

4. Boogie Wipes. because what kid doesnt have a runny nose almost 365 days a year!?!?
These smell good, taste good and are made up of saline so its gentle on the face and nose...there is nothing worse then having a chapped nosed and mouthed baby!

5. Green Toys baby Flatware
I dont know about your kid, but mine demands to do everything herself! so when it comes to feeding, she wants to fork her own mac and cheese! these are great bc they are not only eco-friendly but they are small and compact easy for toddlers to grasp and hold. most of the time I just let Pella hold her little fork while I spoon feed her, a little trick of the trade when it comes to feeding a honorary child

6. Uppa baby G-LUXE stroller
I love love this stroller, its Super light weight, Peej thinks shes super cool in it!
It reclines and has a cup holder for me! I am so over lugging around a big ass stroller, and I have truck space in my car!!!!


  1. Thanks for this post! We love the boogie wipes too!

  2. i'm going to have to try those sippy cups! my son thinks it's funny to suck all the air out of his plastic drop in bottles, that way he can just lay the bottle on his chest without lifting a finger. blah.

  3. the green toys mini kitchen play stuff are awesome too

  4. Boogie Wipes sound great after spending time with my sick nephew and his poor nose yesterday.

  5. Wow thanks for the info on these products. I think I am seriously gonna have to try that sippy and that stroller. Is Peej off the bottle yet?

  6. Nope she still gets a bottle before she goes to bed and in the am, but not throughout the day

  7. How does the lobster work on tables with table cloths, etc? I hear those don't work well with pedastal tables, glass tables, etc.

    Love our g-luxe. We have the vista and hardly use it these days.

  8. These are great! I have that flatware set for my daughter to play with in her kitchen. I didn't even think of actually letting her use those! Awesome post :D

  9. great tips! i'll have to check out those flat ware-we are about to move stella from cave man like hand eating to more civilized!

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