Thursday, February 24, 2011


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Teething is not only rocking Peej's world but my world too!
Shes up at all hours of the night, hands in her mouth chewing on her fingers all day long, not eating very well, her nose is leaking like a faucet.... its honestly terrible! She refuses to suck or chew on a frozen wash cloth, throw any teething rings I give her, doesnt respond well with tablets...I ordered a amber teething bracelet to see if that helps at all, has anyone used one? did it work? any other tips for an "extreme teether"????
Peej literally at 1 year of age has ZERO teeth. so this is a HUGE deal!!!!

Dear tooth fairy we both would appreciate some teeth soon!
Love Marce & Peej


  1. I have been following your blog for a while and just never commented but I have to tell you that we have the teething necklace for our daughter and it works WONDERS! Hopefully it will work the same for you. She wears it all the time, at night I put it on her leg under her pjs. I have never had to use anything else, she has 2 teeth and her top two are ready to pop through. She might be a little (and i mean little) more cranky during the day but she has never woken up or anything! We can't say enough good things about it! Hopefully it will work for you too! Good Luck

  2. My son was a late teether (11mo) looks like my daughter will be too (now 10 mo). We used tablets dissolved in his milk shocked helped but he wasn't that bad. Lily, however sounds much like your daughter. She is a very unhappy teether and still nothing as popped through. We have an amber teething necklace and it works wonders!! Get one, it will help!

  3. Matilda wears an amber teething necklace also. Still no teeth yet, but she's been chewing on things like crazy. She doesn't seem to get fussy or be in any pain, so I think it's helping.

  4. I've got an amber necklace giveaway on my blog... have ya entered?

    Met you on the mama/chat/awkward web cam party with Bleubird :)

    Glad to be followin' - hope you & your little one get some teethin' rest!!

  5. i'm so sorry. i've heard the amber teething necklaces really DO work. in fact, i've heard they CAN eliminate teething hell all together. but i'll believe that when i see it, right? i was lucky with my first that his teething wasn't too brutal. i guess we'll see if ezra has teething chaos going on or not in a few months. i'm new and i adore your blog. you are a badass mama and i love it.

  6. Poor girl. She does not look happy. I hope those little buggers pop through soon and give you and Pella a break.

    And, I'm glad to see so many comments that say the amber bracelet works well because I just ordered one too. So far, the only thing that seems to calm down my Pea is letting her chew on her toothbrush.

    (I'm not sure if I've commented yet... I enjoy your blog and your tweets)

  7. i don't know if you said or not, but how many teeth popped up at a time during this?


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