Monday, February 28, 2011

Boss LADY Jessica

Name: Jessica
Where do you live: Canada, Ontario
Child(s) Name & Age(s): Dustin James (5 months old, 6 months as of March 1st)
Whats your favorite thing about bein a mom?: Seeing my baby grow up, watching him learn everything that I take for granted. Showing him off to everyone, because he is adorable. lol. Watching him sleep. Holding him. Teaching him how to do things.
Whats your least favorite thing about being a mom?: Teething and when he gets so fussy and I no longer know what to do. :(
Tell us something unique about you: Unique? Oh wow, I have sat here, and nothing comes to mind? That's horrible. I have 6 tattoo's, will be getting 2 more after I am done breastfeeding.
Tell us why your kid is the Dustin is definitely the "" because he is the cutest baby in the world. ;) lol. His little personality is so much like his parents it's crazy and he is only 5 months old. He makes me the most proud mother ever!
One of your favorite "remedies/ or tricks of the trade"(for gas, teething,sleep,ANYTHING): Oh gosh. Call grandma. :) She fixes everything for me. For teething? What works so far for Dustin, is frozen teething rings, my fingers/arm/hand and is that doesn't work Tylenol (even though I don't like giving that to him often). Right now, I am more into finding out good remedies for everything!
your blog: dramaticmama
How does it feel to be a boss lady?: Stressful. Cleaning, looking after the babes, and my man, feels GREAT because they need me, but it can be stressful, especially when I have outbursts of depression quite frequently. I love being important and needed though! :)

thanks Jess, little D is so cute!


  1. Thanks!!! :) yay! :)

    Although, I just closed down that blog as of today (boo me) but my new blog link is...

  2. Awesome post!!! JD is definitely a boss lady haha


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