Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bossy Lady! Allie and her son Henry!

Say hello, to our second BOSS LADY!!!
(wanna be a Boss Lady?...just email me copy and paste these ?'s and a few of your fave pics to marcesemail@gmail.com)

Hey! This is Allie from It's a Wonderful Life. I love your "Featured Boss Lady" idea and have filled out the survey below...Hope this helps! Thanks!

Name: Allie

Where do you live:Georgia

Child(s) Name & Age(s): Henry, 2 1/2months (born January 19th. 2010)

Whats your favorite thing about bein a mom?: I love knowing that he needs me more than anybody right now. I love watching him grow and get a kick out of making him smile.

Whats your least favorite thing about being a mom?: Having to plan everything I do around his schedule. I've had to put a ton of the things I like to do on hold...at least for a while.

Tell us something unique about you: I grew up on a family farm on an island in Washington state. We raised our own meat and grew our own vegetables. I come from a huge family of seven...Don't know how my mom handled five kids, I can barely handle my one sometimes.

Tell us why your kid is the bomb.com: H is awesome because he's so easy going and has made our first baby experience so wonderful and easy! Also, he just got this kick ass pair of baby sunglasses...Ooooh man.

One of your favorite "remedies/ or tricks of the trade"(for gas, teething,sleep,ANYTHING): We've recently discovered that if H has gas, sitting him up (facing outward) on our laps (like a "big boy") and patting his belly usually makes him poop. When he cries, we cry with him and he usually gets so confused that he stops and starts laughing! Also, SWINGS. Those things will save your life.

your blog: It's a Wonderful Life (www.elevenyellowdandelions.blogspot.com)


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