Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Birthday in a Nutshell

Went to opening day of the dodger game!
managed to wake up with a sore throat, said EFF IT! im going to the game anyways!
My car over heated 2 miles from Dodger stadium!!! which mind you is a 2009! So I parked the bitch, locked her up and made the 2 mile walk, we made it just in time, even ran across Rhianna on the way into the park, kinda cool I guess. Game was awesome, Dodgers WON!
made it back to my car which thank the lord was still there, untouched! and put a gallon of water in that beast and made the trek home!!! It was smooth sailing!
So with some minor obstacles and this ANNOYING sore throat my day was good!

10 weeks old today! I love her :)


  1. Happy Birthday! Birthdays are so weird after having children... Or maybe its just me?

  2. NOpe totally weird!!! definitely not the same!! lol


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