Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cloth Diapering

I think I found a new alternative for when Im out and about and overnight, with my cloth diapering
ive been too scared to venture outside of my home with Pella in a cloth diaper, and have had some leaking issues with over night, shes not exactly "comfortable" in the cloth over night bc i USE THE "SUPERSOAK" insert and it makes the diaper HUGE on her...barely fits in her PJ's!!!
so......check this out!!!

Super Soft Lining

Certified natural, 100% Ingeo spunbound non-woven fabric.
Compostable to EN13432 (EU) standard and ASTM D 6400 (USA)

Biodegradable Wood Pulp fibers, contains 3 grams of SAP gel (compared to 10-20 grams in other disposables).
Waterproof Outer

The Bio-Film used (fecula) is waterproof and 100% natural.
Compostable to the following standard: EN 13432 (EU)

Made for use with the Gro Baby system. Remove soiled soaker pad and replace with a fresh one as needed.
Gro Baby Bio Soaker Directions
Gro Baby™ System Features

The Gro Baby™ one-size diaper is a revolution in cloth diapering. Our innovative shell design minimizes
diaper waste and cost.

  • Grows with Baby
  • Adjustable Rise Snaps
  • Reusable Outer Shell
  • Removable Soaker Pad
  • Less waste in our landfills
  • Healthier for baby

How to dispose of your biodegradable soaker pads:

Remove any solid matter and compost in your garden. Compostable to EU and USA composting standards.

Biodegradable soaker pads are plastic-free, they will break down in a landfill in 50-150 days (Disposables take up to 500 years).

You can flush your soaker pads. Simply tear open your pad and empty the core contents into the toilet. Throw outer away.

for a box of 50 i found them for $15.99 not too bad!
Gonna test it out for a week and Ill blog my thoughts, and whether or not its worth it!


  1. God bless you and your cloth diapering. i couldn't do it. I tried, but i just got too lazy. in the beginning of my son's life we were making 4 hour trips up and back from virginia to maryland and i just didn't feel like keeping up with it. so i've been using disposables ever since. i'm a bad mommy. but i don't feel THAT bad i guess.

  2. I have mixed feelings about the GroBaby system. I have two shells (my first one had the defective velcro) and one cloth insert and I use the disposable inserts. I like the flexibility and I love having a better for the environment disposable for when I am out and about but honestly I just use cloth all the time. But I can't use them at night, even with a doubler, or with the biosoaker. Also they are smaller than most one-size diapers but my guy is a chunk and much older.
    There should be some great deals on them because they are launching a new line or something called GroVia here pretty soon.

  3. Yeah Im not using their shells, i use rumparooz I just thought the liner is a great idea for longer use and poops! I will have to check out GroVia.
    My child PEES ALOOTTTT so im sure if nights well use cloth, I use the huggies organics now, and LOVE THEM!


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