Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cloth Diapering DAY 1

I just realized "Oh my god!, duh I have all those cloth diapers, and she may fit in them now..."
so I tried it on her and we are good to go!
So let the cloth diapering begin!
Day 1
She already had a bowel movement in one, I literally wiped out the poop and tossed it in the wet bag!

I am using Rumparooz one size cloth diapers with the velcro rather then the snaps, I will post updates on how its going, pros, and cons


  1. good for you mama Marce! you will save so much money!

  2. Do you have a service? Or are you washing them yourself?

  3. Keep us updated! Ive been "kind of" cloth diapering. Im having issues with finding the right detergent...what are you using?

  4. Yay for cloth diapers! So much better for their little bums and for the earth. And double-points for washing your own! I couldn't deal with that...we do a service.

  5. I loved Cloth diapers for devan.. we didn't start using them until she was about 6 months.. But they were the best when she start walking- she felt much more comfortable falling down with a little more padding on the bootie!!

  6. Do you use a cloth diaper service? Or launder them at home?

  7. i DONT HAVE A SERVICE WHERE i i'll washing them at home.
    well see how it goes!!!


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