Monday, April 26, 2010

To my Dearest Pella James....

A tattoo to symbolize how you are my little babushka doll!
and I love you more then words can say, or money could buy!

and I promise...
When I leave to go potty, I will come back!
When I shake and heat your bottle, I couldn't do it fast enough as you sit there SCREAMING as if I haven't fed you in days.
When I have to Force you to nap, and as relentless as you are with going down with a fight, I promise you ...You will wake up happy, and one day you will be BEGGING to take a nap, its just years from now unfortunately.
When you scream and push and strain to work a poop out and I lay you down and pump your legs, I put every ounce of positive energy into it, that YOU WILL POOP!

I love you too the moon and back.


  1. Such a cute post and an absolutely gorgeous tattoo!

  2. Aww such a great post :)
    Your tattoo is beautiful!!

  3. Amazing! I admire your dedication and and extreme truth that you deliver in each post and to your beautiful little girel.

  4. Gorgeous tattoo! G got one when H was born, I'll have to post pictures sometime. Very cute post!


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