Friday, May 7, 2010

3 months!!!!!

Pella, is 3 months old, and boy has it been rough!!! but finally i can feel some real progress in her feeling better, her tummy is such a mess! and IT WAS SO SAD to see her literally scream and cry all day and night because she had NON STOP gas and ALWAYS constipated. Shes on Nutramigin formula, bc we've TRIED IT ALL, and this was our last resort..and as expensive as it is..I would pay ANY amount of money for her comfort!!!
Im proud to announce she NO long makes Little FISTS all day long! shes aware of her hands, and is fiddling with them ALL DAY! Shes grasping little things more and more everyday, I can sit there for hours watching her move her tiny hands and fingers....
It might be my most favorite little milestone yet! She also thinks shes a BIG girl constantly trying to do sit-ups to "sit up" so I am always propping her up in her boppy and on the couch and her new found fave spot to hang out, her Bumbo!!! (lol)
Check out my little PEEJ with her cute little HANDS!!!


  1. Adorable. I'm glad she has found some comfort. It's so hard for us as mothers to see our little ones in discomfort and pain.

  2. She is so cute. Picture perfect baby :) I just love those pouty little lips and those eyes are to die for! Cutest outfit ever too, where do you find such a tiny cardigan?

    We're going to have to get one of those Bumbo seats, I've heard only awesome things about them.

  3. American Apparel has baby cardigans!!! A MUST HAVE!

  4. I can't believe she is sitting up already such a huge milestone!! Good job Peej!

  5. i LOVE the way you dress your kid!

  6. Happy 3 months Pea!

    Rue makes fists all day long too!! :(
    Thanks for your email, I'll write back soon...


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