Saturday, May 8, 2010


So for the first time ever...and last time ever(god willing) I forgot my diaper bag!!!!
Im not sure about you, but when Im preparing to leave my house with baby in tow, I become a MAJOR scatter brained liability!! Im always anxious in making sure I have everything, and bolt out of the door in enough time to get Pella in my car without a major meltdown!
So, here I was all prepped and ready to head out to dinner in Ventura, about 20 minutes away from our home, drove alllll the way there, knowing as soon as I got there Pella would be eating within that hour. I get there and went to grab the bag and my friend Kim and I looked at each other with this DUMBFOUNDED look on our faces.. saying "OH FUCK!" we forgot it!! SHIT!
What the hell do we do now!??? Well luckily for me, Korie (whos house we were going to dinner at was more then happy enough to make a special trip to target to get Pella her goods, DIAPERS, FORMULA, AND BOTTLE! (go figure my kid pooped everywhere when I didn't have any diapers!)
SO, in case of a future brain fart...I made an emergency PELLA SURVIVAL KIT.
here it is, tucked away in the back of my car...just in case!

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  1. Always - when you don't have a diaper is when the explosions happen!

  2. we totally have an emergency car kit too because that same story may or may not have happened to me too!

  3. emergency kit is a super good idea. all i have stashed is a water bottle!


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