Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All things PELLA!

I am proud to announce today was the FIRST time Pella LOL'd
yep, she is officially laughing! Sad news, I MISSED IT, but at least I got to hear it over the phone, I thought something was wrong with her, I heard this noise and Kim yelling, "MARCE, YOU DO HEAR THAT?!!!!!" and i said "yeah??" Kim says "SHES LAUGHING, SHES BUSTING UP!"
words cant describe how cute her little squeeky laugh sounded!

photo taken by Kim @KIMCANTDRAW.COM


  1. Aww how exciting! :)
    Also is that a Quinny stroller? I want one so badly but they are so expensive!! Its my dream stroller, seriously lol.

  2. she is so cute! i saw on "sometimes sweet" that oliver peck did a few of your tattoos. what a small world. would not have thought cali folks would end up in texas too much. dunno why really? anyway, pella is adorable AND has all the cool stuff too!

  3. Hi... funny story is that we used to be friends on Myspace years back, so when Sometimessweet featured you I totally remembered you and now I'm following you =)
    I am from Ventura couny as well!
    Anyways you & your pella are adorable and I LOVE that striped headband on her!!


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