Friday, May 7, 2010


My formspring is filled with:
*so what exactly happened with miss pella's daddy? does he ever hang out with her?
*where is baby daddy?
*If the father tried to mend your relationship would you?
*what happened with you and your babys father?

He does EXSIST. however, After 7 years of being with him, and CONSTANT lies, and lets down, who was I kidding when I thought that me being pregnant was going to change him? It didnt.
It actually unfortunately got WORSE. I dont really wanna go into detail. But He left me while I was pregnant, promised me the world and he'd change over and over, didn't change, still hasn't changed, so im standing my ground with not letting him back into "my"life, so even though there has been COUNTLESS times hes begged for forgiveness and to work shit out, I CANT do it...He hurt me too much and to deep....however I have an open door policy with him to be able to see his daughter...that is whole other AWESOME situation!
so there it is.

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