Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

Yesterday was off to a bad start, Pella woke up to a PISS leaking diaper (Target UP brand) hate them, but trying to use through them!!! Piss was everywhere.....she wouldnt eat all morning and afternoon because she so badly had to poop, so we were on our way to my dads to swim for the first time and Pella pooped. WHAT A DISASTER!!! the poop went up her back into her armpits, all over her side, all in her was gross! But we made to my dads she ate and we did a little Cuzzi session, poor thing was soo tired from that big turd, she passed out in the middle of pool time!
Also, my stepmoms horse gave birth to her first baby girl on Sunday morning!
isnt she cute!!!???

1 comment:

  1. that baby horse looks like a fuckin' zombie! anyway, i like LUVS. they're just as cheap but work good as pampers. at least in my opinion. and i usually put wyatt in a size larger because i think it holds more pee (he has a major leaking problem otherwise).

    i can't get over the fact that she fell asleep in that thing. so cute.


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