Monday, March 21, 2011

Boss Lady Megan

Name: Megan

Where do you live: Colorado

Child(s) Name & Age(s): Kaden - 2 & a half years. Born June 3, 2008.

Whats your favorite thing about bein a mom?: Knowing that my son looks up to me. As a parent, children look up to us so much and try to mimic our every move. I love knowing that Kaden has someone who will teach him how to grow up in this world and someone who will teach him right from wrong. I love all the giggles, slobbery wet kisses, random smiles, the hugs, the way he looks at me when I fix one of his toys, all the cuddles, etc. I love when he's laying on my lap and he's really tired, he'll start playing with my ear. Finding happiness in the simplest things. And, the simple fact that Kaden has taught me SO much about life. I love it all!

Whats your least favorite thing about being a mom?: Losing sleep! Before having Kaden I took it for I live for a good nights sleep! I usually fall asleep before 9pm!

Tell us something unique about you: I have a scar on my right arm that looks like a perfect 7. I got it by running into a tree while driving a go-cart. Is that unique enough?

Tell us why your kid is the Ever since birth, Kaden has been a very laid back child. He was an extremely easy baby, and now that he's a toddler and I can see his personality shining through. It's like he lives to make people laugh. He is SO funny. I can just see him being the class clown in the future

One of your favorite "remedies/ or tricks of the trade"(for gas, teething,sleep,ANYTHING): The one thing that really saved me while Kaden was teething, was a frozen wash cloth. It also absorbs all the drool that comes with teething!

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