Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sex and the Single Mom

I just read a great article over at

Maybe its my "rapist wit" (says Llyod Christmas in Dumb & Dumbr)
but sex being a single parent is a whole new BALL GAME.
and being in my 20's its all guys want anyways. I don't know about you,
but I was raised in a catholic home, with morals and sex wasnt exactly an "open for discussion" topic. I pretty much had to figure it all out on my own, which is fine, but now in my 20's I find myself with child, on the prowl from time to time, and it definitely makes me feel like a such a piece of shit, but yet its like, HELLO, I have needs, i'm not a bad person bc the person I had a child with is an idiot, nor was it a situation where 5030400 men could be my baby daddy!
In the article I just read, it talks about keeping the single mom sex life "separate" and "detached" from the daily life of ear infections, crying baby, and poop diapers, which is sooo true and yet a really hard for me to not try and feel guilty or bad about my sex life as a single parent.
But guess what! I'm not going to feel guilty for wanting "me" time, and if that involves spending time with someone of the opposite sex, so be it. I feel like Single parent sex talk is NEVER discussed....and its nice to see other women speaking out about it.!

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  1. Very well said, you should never feel bad for having "you" time whether you have kids or don't! And I think you're also right that you don't hear much about single moms and sex - we as a society are still pretty scared of talking of women having sex for some reason. Rock on lady!


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