Friday, March 4, 2011

Lets talk skin care & makeup

I've gotten alot of questions as to what my skin care/makeup regimen is...So I thought I would Share with you what I use.

Eminence is by far my favorite skincare line besides Orgins.
Its all Organic and Natural. Its pricey but worth every penny!

below is the set I have and use most often it is the Stone Crop set
Its a Gel Face wash,Hydrating Masque (I rarely use), a gel moisturizer (I use the gel most often), and whip moisturizer. I dont use the serum though.
Stone Crop Toner, LOVE this stuff
Pear and Poppy seed microderm scrub, I use this once or twice a month, its very seedy and leave my skin feeling amazing!
Grapefruit-C gel I use when my skin is EXTRA thirsty!
Sweet Rose Whip smells soooo good and is a great night creme.

So there is my Skincare favsies, now for Makeup....
I rarely wear makeup, I just dont have time usually its just concealer and some mascara,
But if its a night on the town heres what's in my makeup bag.

Eyeliner: Urban Decay 'oil slick' black eye liquid liner

Eye shadow primer: Urban Decay 'Sheer nude'
Eyeshadows: Urban Decay My favorites 'Smog' , 'Midnight cowboy' & 'Perversion'

Foundation: Bare Minerals w/ SPF 15
Mascara: Benefit Bad Gal Lash 'rich black'
Lip Stick: Mac 'Russian Red'
Concealer: Mac Select Moisturecover

And my make-up bag???? DUH the new Petunia Picklebottom "Train case" makeup tote
which, YES, I sell in my store!!! :)

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