Friday, March 25, 2011

Flashback Friday

So im goin through my archives and stumbled upon Pellas newborn shoot.... she was 7 days old.
Look at how much my sweet little beast has changed! my little 7.5lb jaundiced baby is now breaking 16 lbs and almost 14 months old... trying to walk, trying to talk, just trying to be a big girl! looking at these makes me think of that song by Taylor Swift "Never Grow Up"
They sure ain't lyin' when they say "time flies".


  1. i love love love this..I love that rug too!!!

  2. I'm loving that you have a tiny tot like me!
    And those newborn shots are killer. She looks just like you!

  3. Sweetest pictures ever.

    Also, I'm going to break my facade and admit that that Taylor Swift song makes me teary every single time (my 10-year-old daughter owns it, I hear it a lot).

  4. Wow these pictures are beautiful!! Im sure youve answered this before but im new to your blog, what camera do you use? I took a look at your flikr album and you capture your little cutie perfectly!


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