Tuesday, March 23, 2010

7 weeks!

Here we are Week 7!

Its continued to be rough...lots of personal drama going on that is conflicting with my breast feeding. My stress level is soooo high and bad, I'm producing close to nothing! I am not giving up quite yet, my new goal is 3 months!
So Pella is spontaneously smiling...its so cute. she smiled at my dad today and it melted my heart!
Shes cooing, and pretty much talking...
We do all kinds of little activities, I show her books, Tummy time, I sing to her, I lay her under her activity gym to look at her friends, we go on walks.....lots of little stimulating things!
Shes still super gassy, and Im at loss for why, so I just tell myself shes just a gassy one!
I give her Anise Tea in her bottles at night to help calm her tummy so she can sleep more soundly then be awaken by her gas, and its seems to help! I also got her a little boo-boo buddy that is a bag of corn kernels I heat up and lay on her tummy to help things move along!
She is also battling constipation ....talk about sad! She strains and grunts, has huge farts but no POOP! shell go about 3 days with no poops! Its terrible. I give her pear juice in her bottles as well hoping it would work, but its really not. Her Dr. says she should have stools everyday! Im like WHATTTTT!!! theres no way this kid poops everyday! :(
Ive given her 2 suppositories one successful and the other didnt work!
Im hoping she starts regulating all the formula better but Im at a loss with her poops too!
Shes now sleeping about 4 hour stretches at night...Im officailly only waking up one time in the night and its varies between 2:30-3:30am! HOORAY. But I find myself to still be sleepy, what else is new!
I cant believe next week she will be 2 months old! shell getting shots, and ill be a nervous wreck over it!


  1. very cute! as for the gassiness, what are you eating? dairy products, tomatoes, acidic foods, and broccoli, can all make her gassy (through your breast milk) if shes drinking formula, have you tried switching to soy? i had to do all of that with my little one.

  2. im on a hardcore diet...and i tried soy formula she screamed for 2 hours after her bottle..ive tried good start, gentle ease..now shes on similac sensitive seems to be okay....

  3. oh yikes, i'm out of ideas then!

  4. my kid was a breast fed kid (the best laxative ever) .. and never pooped more than twice a week- wasn't constipation.. just the way she works.. there is a book called "the baby book" by dr. sears.. it seriously has everything in the world in it- to every rash- sickness- tummy time.. from 0-1 year. It saved me so much time- and you know im a crazy mom! But you should read it - it has some things about constipation in there that really helped me.. i have it!


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