Wednesday, March 31, 2010

As a store owner, what is your feedback on the Orbit system? Worth it? What do you recommend?

I sell TONS of orbits...its definitely an investment. I think its an awesome system!very practical, they have thought of all the little things that other systems lack...especially the new g2 Orbit. I can only think of 2 cons, With the toddler seat on the stroller and when collapsed its a bit bulky, and 2. the car seat is SUPER AWKARD AND too big for shopping carts. overall if you can afford it, GET IT! you wont be disappointed

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  1. I'm a Stokke lover, myself. We were back and forth between the Stokke & The Orbit system. Do you sell both? Does one perform better than the other in your opinion?

  2. I sell Oribt, Uppababy, and soon Mountain buddy..used to sell Quinny but they are junk!


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