Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today Pella is 1 month old, it went by fast for everyone but me!
Its been the most mentally and physically draining month I have ever experienced.
My little baby girl has been on a PDF type of schedule, and its starting to fall apart a bit with what I think is her first growth spurt. shes up and eating religiously every 2 hours...even at night. A bit rough!
Shes quite the FIESTY woman. she knows what she wants.
She HATES the swing. She HATES the pacifier. She loves her butt patted super hard. She loves to be curled up on her tummy propped up on my chest. She takes FOREVER to eat.. breast and bottle. She has terrrrrible gas! (which im trying everything to help treat shes on Gentlease formula, Mylicon, Zantac, Gripe water, and now Pro-biotics) It breaks my heart to watch her strain and scream all from FARTS! poor baby. Shes so strong, she holds her head up, is defiant with keeping her arms up in her face when I try to feed her and I cant move them without feeling like I could break her little arms, shell kick her legs out and literally launch herself off my chest.
Shes CRAZY! and I love her!
Happy month 1

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  1. adorable, im proud of you for sticking it all through and just seeming like an amazing mother so far! <3


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