Tuesday, March 30, 2010

8 weeks!!

The Peej is 2 months old today!!!
Shes still super duper gassy, Im pretty much at a loss with the gas thing!
I just use a cornbag (a bag of corn kernels I heat up) and she seems to find that comforting.
Her constipation is still on-going, but Ive seemed to get a little more regularity with adding a teaspoon of Prune juice to her bottles.
She is smiling at people, and myself everyday! it melts my heart! its the CUTEST thing EVER!
shes starting to really focus of things, and people as well, she follows movements, makes eye contact, and stares at pictures from books I show her.
Her sleeping has lengthened about an hour or so....so shell go to bed around 10pm and wake up at 4/4:30am however this is all going to change with the new sleep system Im introducing...shes going to be put down for the night at 7pm! HUGE difference, but apparently it helps train them to sleep longer.
but Peej in all honesty is the cutest thing ever!!!

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  1. Our babies are very close in age! Henry is ten weeks old (born January 19th). Can you even believe how fast they are growing? Somedays I look at him and think, "Damn, how did your head get SO big overnight? Stop growing!" I love the smiles and eye contact. She's sleeping much better than H does these days, you're very lucky! He did sleep better when we moved the schedule from 11 to 8. Good luck! And congratulations!

    Thanks for finding my blog :)


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