Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some questions!

*what's your biggest success in life?
My biggest success in life would have to be my Business, I took a huge financial risk with opening a retail store in the middle of the economic downfall....

*How did you choose Pella James? (so cute btw)

Pella was inspired by the band Pela.... I just changed the spelling..Pella which means "ROCK" in Greek

*What type(s) of music do you play for Pella? Does she listen to your collection or strictly "baby music"?

Pella listens to City and Colour ALOT and her mobile that plays mozart! lol

*how much cc debt do youhave?

I have 2 credit cards that both carry around a $500 balance.. however, other financial debt i.e. my mortgage and business loan over $100k

*What size are your boobs? Would you have gone smaller/bigger if you could do it over?

Right now they are a size E. however when there isnt milk in them they are a big D almost DD, as soon as Im done breast feeding I will be getting another boob job, a reduction, lift and either a small implant or no implant at all if I can get away with it! If I could have done it over again I would have had a reduction and then an implant!

*How were you able to start up your own business? Did you get help financially? Good for you to be young and already have your shit together.

I was able to start up my business with over a year of researching and preparing a legit business plan, getting TONS of financial advise, putting all my ducks in a row and executing! I did get financial help I took out a Small Business loan through my was quite the process but I am thankful they didnt see me and my business as too risky! otherwise I wouldnt have Drool!

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