Monday, March 8, 2010


Ok so lets talk breastfeeding!!!
Ive read books, talked to consultants, attended classes, taken advice from every woman whos offered it to me, tried the herbs, pump like crazy, you name it.
Maybe im one of the few who just cant do it....WHO KNOWS!
but honestly I wish I was more educated before hand with techniques and what I should have done right when Pella entered into the world. But Im close to throwing in the towel with breast feeding. EVERYONE knows Ive been struggling with my supply. I lack SUPPLY! and its a terrible feeling.
Alot of whys, and maybe ill try this , that, and the other thing.
Bottom line in my BIG OLE SIZE E boobs have no more then 2 ounces in them at a time!
maybe these breast implants severed some ducts?
maybe im not pumping/feeding enough?
maybe Im not drinking enough water?
Im getting tired of trying to get to the bottom of WHY...I envy the women in the classes I attend who have "overactive let-downs"
I have a consultant trying to get me to use a feeding tube along with my breast...I DONT HAVE TIME FOR THAT!!!!!!!!
Its frustrating but I am continuing to stick with it until Ive completely RULED out everything and I cant keep up with Pellas appetite.


  1. Unsolicited advice here but the thing that pumps up my supply is rest, oatmeal and lots of liquid. I know sleep is especially hard to come by. You should be so proud that you are working so hard at this.

  2. I used the "feeding tube" next to the boob thing and it worked great. Really helped my milk come in. I totally know how time consuming it is but it is well worth it. I am pumping exclusively for my little one because I have inverted nipples and I don't know if the consultants that you spoke with told you anything about big boobs but mine has told me that us well endowed women end up cursing our kiddos who can't get a good latch on us. So, our blessing becomes our curse. I love my pump and though pumping exclusively takes up time...the fact that is hands free helps. I can feed, pump and facebook all at the same time. LOL. Good luck.

  3. some more unsolicited i say water is a big thing. i drink a s**t load of it and i did some power pumping when my supply got low i pumped 10 minutes. rested 10 minutes and repeat for about an hour. It was a huge pain in the ass but i haven't had any problems since.
    so maybe try that? i agree that you should be proud to be working so hard at this and don't beat yourself up about it. no baby ever died from having to switch to formula, if you have to go that route than so be it. you are a great mom either way.

  4. Hey M,
    Sorry to hear breastfeeding has been rough.
    My boy eats every hour-two hours, and feeds for 30 mins. From what I've heard it's a supply and demand thing for the milk, so just keep it up and I am sure it will get easier!
    Sometimes Rue eats so often and so long I feel like I will blow a gasket in my brain...hah!
    Of course, you will do the best thing for Pella, so trust your instincts! :)


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