Friday, March 19, 2010

Are you using cloth diapers? If so, exactly how difficult is it? Is this a manageable thing for single mamas?

I am not using clothe diapers yet, I am using the huggies oRGANIC DISposables.... however when shes around 3 months old I plan on using Rumparooz clothe diapers and see how it goes!...Its not exactly difficult, its an $$ investment, and is more time consuming ..but we'll see if its "manageable!"

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  1. dude, i totally thought i would be all eco-savy and get cloth diapers. i spent 300 dollars on them... AND I USED THEM ONCE. it really just wasn't working for me. it seems like it would be great and fabulous, but dude, you have to WASH them! and they stain. no matter what people tell you, they stain. and you can't bleach them. plus, wyatt was really poopy for the first few months. i just do disposables and it's wonderful. and i do LUVS diapers too. It's great. screw being green... i gotta survive motherhood.

  2. Cloth diapering was the best decision we made! I love it! We haven't had any issues (no staining like the previous person said). The extra laundry isn't an issue, and I actually enjoy doing diaper laundry!

  3. I just posted about this! i do half and half. im lazy and embarrassed to say so. it took me a while to get the hang of it. I gave him diaper rash at first cause i used too much detergent.
    you can read about it here:

    it costs a lot at first so i say buy a couple, try them out, and see how you like it.

  4. totally do-able, did the old school prefolds and covers for 7 months..they are really time consuming, switched to the bum genius 3.0 love em. i would recommend the sprayer for the toilet big time i didnt get it and am just ordering it, would have saved a lot of clean up

  5. I love cloth. I work 25 hours a week and I do diapers every other day. I like them because for me they held the poo in soooo much better.

    We use pocket diapers (fuzzi bunz, bum genius 3.0 and a few others). My husband is really lazy and he will even use them.

    I have had a few stains (but I am not that worried about stains) and I am currently battling some buildup (I switched detergents). I don't mind the extra load of laundry. I do need a sprayer or something now we have started solids.

  6. Hey Mama! Two things: we have three the oldest is 14 months. They are all using cloth. We have a service that delivers them and cleans them weekly. You should check for one in your area! Also: Check out Broody Chick diapers. they look and work JUST like disposables- but they are 100% compostable. We use them on our 14 month old sometimes, since he is the oldest- he is harder to change. In the first year it's easy to do cloth 100% of the time.


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