Friday, March 12, 2010

Whats in my purse?

Saw a similar post on another blog I!!!!

So now that im a "mom" the contents in my purse sure have changed! lol!!!
Emptying out that thing made me realize how things just cant be organized and clean like they used too! So here is my purse and what is inside!!!!
1. my wallet..filled with plastic and more receipts
2. my car keys with my sweet ass owl keychain
3. my Orgins Lip therapy (best thing ever)
4. my kabooki brush
5. Arbonne Bare minerals kids CHUPIE (pacifier)
7. a paperclip? WTF?
8. an empty bottle of Mylicon for my childs explosive gas
9. A CD with the last month of photos ive taken of Pella
10. a BUTTLOAD OF LOOSE CHANGE (hate coins!!!!)
11. a stack of crumpled up receipts

Next time maybe ill do whats in my diaper bag! lol

The daily Peej!


  1. I love Paul Frank, cute onesie! And I feel ya on the purse thing, but dont feel too bad, mine was much bigger & much worse!! ;)

  2. Post pictures of your diaper bag! I'm always so curious about other peoples diaper bags, not to mention I have a slight obsession with diaper bags at the moment. I'm already on bag number three, and still on the search for the perfect bag! I've narrowed it down to two, but can't make the finally decision.

    Pella looks way to comfy in that picture =) She is adorable!

  3. LOVE that you are supporting Jenny@ Trophy Queen! She's a friend of my Aunt & Uncle! I come from a "car family"- so we gotta rock the trophy queen!


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