Wednesday, October 6, 2010

5 Rules for Life

1.) There are no rules.
Structures, how-to's, dogma, principles...all disciplines and theories should be used to support your freedom and independent thinking. Curiosity is exponentially more powerful than playing by the rules.

2.) Say thank you.
Gratitude is one of the most creative and noble forces of human nature. It makes everything - absolutely everything - better.

3.) Let your feelings be your guide.
You feel, therefore you are. Your desired feelings should be the basis of your goals and strategic planning. Every dream is based on a desired feeling - focus on your inner state first and your outer reality has a better chance of lining up with your ideals.

4.) Speak your truth.
Loud and proud or softly whispered - getting your truth out is the most healing and effectual thing you can do for your well being. Whether it's between you and your god, at the dinner table, or in the boardroom - your authentic expression is essential to living in colour, whole and large.

5.) Laughter is the honey of life.
Like gratitude, you can always find something to laugh at. No matter how pathetic or grand, screwed up or divine...a sense of humor can make the difference between running the rat race or easin' down the road.

"Danielle LaPorte, Author and Speaker"

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