Sunday, October 31, 2010


Pellas First Halloween came and went.
Her dad even came to take part in her first halloween.
she did great! she was the perfect little Octopeej!
I forgot to take pictures of the goodies I handed out!
Rubber ducks, tattoos, & playdo for the little kids
and of course CANDY for the big kids!

the best part about this picture is the costume Pella is wearing was Laura's when she was a baby, she was so excited to see Peej in her old costume!

Peej and her buddy Coop. they are 5 months apart and the same size NO BIGGIE.
Grams made Peej a little goodie bag with MUM MUMS, teething biscuits, and a crazzyyy light!
Peej with her cuz Baylee and neighbor Peyton
Peej with her other Cuzzies
Wahooo Mom, I had so much fun today!!!!


  1. Awww ... I love the pictures! They made my night !! Gosh, my husband and I had so much candy to give out and we were shocked that only have of the candy was gone by the end of the night. I'm glad you guys had fun. I can't wait to one day have a baby and take them trick or treating too ::sigh:: ♥

  2. man! that costume totally rocks! peej has a sweet little life!


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