Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ABC Expo

I am back from Vegas, and was able to source some new exciting things.
heres a few photos of things I really adored!

Dwell Studios Launched a FURNITURE LINE.
very mid-century looking. adorable, and would expect NOTHING less from Dwell
will be available in 2011 !

Espresso Dwell Crib

Dwell Stamp sets and wooden puzzles

Jennifer Delonge furniture, LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Nest Modern seating, Loved the Egg Chair in the back corner

cute little vintage replica things!

GIANT BlaBlas I got peej the GIANT MR.X

P'kolino hooks, so cute!

P'kolino giraffe rocker, $35! HELLO!

I-candy strollers, Super cute aesthetically , but still an Uppababy girl!

Super cool Diaper caddy prototype from BOON

Boon Feeding goodies, BIG fan! love the SQUIRTS

Orbit baby piggy back bender boards

Dwell layette, super cute!

Petunia Picklebottom for ERGO.

Petunia Carriers

Turtle Monkey Bug handpainted Dolls, loved these!
Turtle Monkey Bug Horseys on sticks made with vintage fabrics

Turtle Monkey Bug felt mustaches!

Pellas new dolly!


  1. WOW! Everything looks absolutely amazing. I want that wallpaper in picture 4 so badly! Dwell can do no wrong, I've decided.

  2. I want the Petunia Picklebottm Ergos! So cute! Ugh too bad I already have an Ergo, so bummed!

  3. I LOVE the petunia picklebottom carriers and would totally buy one but all of their stuff is sooo expensive! :/

  4. omg, how many times did you say the word cute at that show?

    and forget sonny and cher and peanut butter and jelly. petunia picklebottom and ergo together is the best collaboration ever!


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