Sunday, October 3, 2010


Gave Peej her first teething biscuit and ugh, I dont think I will be giving her another one of these anytime soon...they are a fucking MESS. she had it all over the place and its like GLUE when it comes for clean up...literally had to scrape it off of her. Oh yeah and having to do the "finger hook" in her mouth to catch the chunks lil homegirl thought she could manage to chew up....yeah right! NO biggie. She loved them though....


  1. Lol that smile is way too cute!
    Also I guess I won't be trying this product lol.

    Little Sugar Monster

  2. lol, awh so cute.
    cleanup does look like it would be pretty intense.

  3. she so cute. i hate those things. i gave hendrix one once and he choked so bad we had to do the heimlich, it was so scary.
    the whole box went in the trash.


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