Tuesday, October 5, 2010


If you read the post in regards to Pella's 8 month check up, you would have read
shes Anemic, so I had to not only switch her formula back to Nutramigen but I am also having to introduce foods that are rich in iron. So I read about pureeing MEAT. I dont think meat should EVER be pureed, but I get you gotta do, what you gotta do! I bought some extra lean ground beef, butternut squash soup, and spinach. I baked the ground beef with some of the butternut squash soup to sweeten it up a bit. steamed the spinach and threw it the "DESTROYER" (what I call the food processor). I had to add quite a bit of water to get it to smooth out to Pellas liking.
outcome: Not as delicious as sweet potatoes or pears! HA
We'll see how it pans out in Peejs mouf tomorrow.!


  1. Just popping by to give ya some lurve.... I adore your blog. Are you in Australia?? We have kids weetbix that have added iron not sure how much extra iron they have but it might be worth a look!

  2. oops just read your prof and see that your in us ....not sure if you can get em there :)

  3. Aw sorry to hear that!
    I did the same with my breast milk....I have BAGS & BAGS frozen that I just can't chuck. WE WORKED SO HARD FOR THAT!!


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