Tuesday, October 19, 2010

for the Love of FALL!

Raining, hailing, Thundering, and Lightening!

**Peej Update**
Shes seems to feeling better, we had no VOMIT today!
praise the lord, however I dont wanna be too quick to jump the gun and say shes all better
takin it day by day!
gif animator
Gif animator

Heres a lil playlist of songs Ive been listening to a lot lately.

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  1. Ugh, I only wish I was back home in California right now! I love the rain.
    I hope Pella stays well! :)

    Little Sugar Monster

  2. Hey mama! I'm into this blog! Glad I found it.
    And I lovvveee Mew :)

    Hope your babe is feelin' better.
    Check us out and say hi @ www.letterstoames.com


  3. i'm so glad she's feeling better but it sucks that the weather is so blahhh. great timing, huh?
    she's really starting to look so much like you these days :)

    thanks for the blog award, totally made my day btw!


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