Monday, October 18, 2010


Sick Baby Alert.

5 days of vomiting, 5oz. of lost body weight, but she doesnt seem to "look" affected, or should I say "infected"
Really hoping its nothing serious. She is currently on antibiotics for
Bronchitis/Whooping cough, and Im also giving her previcid just in case she's having any GERD, bc my gut is telling me its acid reflux, shes only vomiting laying down or in her car seat, and she also only vomits after she coughs..... So im little confused as to what exactly her diagnosis is.. but im taking all precautions, and just trying to rule every thing out.
heres some pictures from today, from the Doctors office,
to the bath!


  1. Aww poor baby! I really hope you figure out what it is and I hope she gets better really soon. That must be stressful on you. :(

    Little Sugar Monster

  2. Poor thing! I have read that during coughing fits its really common to vomit. When Leo had the flu he got dehydrated quickly so make sure if she's puking she keeps some liquid down. It happened really fast with him. Sending you good thoughts!

  3. Poor, sweet girl! When Fable had the stomach bug two weeks ago, she'd do the same thing - puke whenever I put her flat on her back. Almost immediately. But she only had a 24 hour thing. She never ran a fever, and she never became dehydrated. She was wetting her diapers and drooling. I hope Peej gets to feeling better soon!

  4. Oh dear, there is nothing worse!! One of my twins has reflux AND a milk protein allergy, if it is reflux, once on medication, life improves greatly!!
    She is still super cute regardless!

  5. Aw poor baby! I don't have any advice since we haven't dealt with anything like that but I hope you figure out what it is and things get back to normal soon.


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