Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Im throwing a MASSIVE Halloween Party so Ive been surfing the interweb for
cute Halloween stuff....heres a few things Ive found I thought I would share.

Hello Lucky one of my favorite stationary companies (besides Sugarcube Press, and Rock Scissor Paper) has these adorable Halloween greeting cards

and these oh so clever invitations by Martha Stewart.

I also bought Martha Stewart pumpkin carving kit to make cool pumpkins like so,

These arent necessarily Halloween, but they definitely are little monsters that would make a cute contest prize for the Kids!
found here


  1. I am such an impatient person that when I just SAW those pumpkins, I instantly felt frustrated! I can't imagine how much time that would take but they're beautiful. Good luck!

    You should also check the Hambly site, I bet they'd have fun Halloween rub-ons.

    I actually just checked because I was curious. They don't, but I'm sure you could use some of it! :)

  2. i've recently decided that i LOVE halloween decor!! so cute that youre having a party - who all are you inviting? family, friends?


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